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Cas Speransa Nobo is peacefully located up the hill at Alto Vista # 52, Noord, Aruba
Contact the office at +297 5879008

Contact via email: contact@cassperansa.org

A sister project of HopeAruba Movement and Goshen Aruba

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Aruba & Caribbean - Cas Speransa Nobo - Drug Rehabilitation Center

Cas Speransa Nobo

Addiction treatment center -
we are certain that:


There is HOPE! There is FREEDOM!

Have you tried alternatives and failed so you feel like just giving up? This is precisely how life-controlling problems such as addiction frequently paralyze and prevent us from fulfilling our purpose and destiny.


If this is you or someone you know then you have come to the right place. Cas Speransa Nobo – An Adult & Teen Challenge Program can help. Teen Challenge has a proven track record of helping people whose lives have been set on a path of destruction.


Cas Speransa Nobo believes in second chances. Our mission is restoring broken lives of men who have been damaged by issues like anger, rebellion, depression, drug/alcohol abuse and other life controlling problems. We believe that wholeness comes by having your heart and mind changed by the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe in Christ’s ability to transform a person’s life. We see it every day!


We are here for you and we know how to help. We want to help you find freedom from the problems that control your life, to restore your dignity and worth, and to rediscover your potential. Don’t wait. Please contact us today!


For every ADDICT, there is HOPE in CHRIST!

Aruba & Caribbean - Cas Speransa Nobo - Drug Rehabilitation Center

For every ADDICT, there is HOPE in CHRIST!


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Aruba & Caribbean - Cas Speransa Nobo - Drug Rehabilitation Center

Our purpose here at Cas Speransa Nobo Adult & Teen Challenge is to help men overcome their addictions and to facilitate their recovery up to the point where he can become a productive and functioning member of society. The hope is that they will continue to know and seek Christ and allow Him to guide their daily lives.

 ~ Cas Speransa Nobo ~


Adult Teen Challenge the recovery program is broken up into four distinct segments that focus on the whole person.

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