We can bring Hope to the broken thanks to the following supporters and sponsors:

Cas Speransa Nobo is peacefully located up the hill at Alto Vista # 52, Noord, Aruba
Contact the office at +297 5879008

Contact via email: contact@cassperansa.org

A sister project of HopeAruba Movement and Goshen Aruba

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Cas Speransa Nobo

A collaborative initiative to bring Hope & Freedom

- For every addict there is Hope in Christ - 

About us


HopeAruba Fundacion Restauracion, in a desire to firmly establish itself as the leading provider of rehabilitative care in Aruba has developed a Joint Venture agreement with Adult Teen Challenge to launch their first major social project Cas Speransa Nobo – a rehabilitation center dedicated to help those addicted to substances overcome their addiction and find purpose in life.

HopeAruba Fundacion Restauracion does not only deal with the issue of addictive behavior, but offers the opportunity for various projects that would provide a collaborative solution to the many social challenges that our Nation is facing.

Foundation is founded by local business woman Lisette M. Malmberg and was birthed out of a concern that started twenty years ago when a good friend, Mr. Ramiro Richards, who was addicted to drugs for almost 15 years and received help in The Netherlands, asked her to join him in the effort to bring help to those battling the same problem in Aruba. 

In 1996 Mrs. Malmberg, together with a small group, united in a Foundation called Fundacion Speransa Nobo.


The idea was to work together with “De Hoop” from Dordrecht in the Netherlands, with the vision to one day have a rehabilitation center to help these people. During that time, they did not have the funds needed to offer those addicted to substances a place to stay, however, they started a outreach

Through an agreement with Global Teen Challenge for Cas Speransa Nobo’s program to be managed by this 50+ years experience global organization, Cas Speransa Nobo first started out with Executive Directors Shawn and Shanon Blankenship having the initial task to equip Aruban citizens to continue the work. 

community program of going out and feed those living on the street every week in Schelpstraat and later also in the area of Rancho. This work started 15 years ago and is ongoing every Saturday in the area of Rancho and some days a month also in the Village in San Nicolas.


The dream to one day have a Rehabilitation Center never left Ms. Malmberg, regardless of when Mr. Richards went to live in Bonaire and the work of Speransa Nobo Foundation came to a halt.


This is how Mrs. Malmberg decided to start a new Foundation called HopeAruba Fundacion Restauracion with the intend to now establish the center.

L-R Marilyn Richardson (Outreach Team), Carla Quandt (RIP) and Lisette Malmberg - Rancho, Aruba - 2002

Blankinship a veteran of the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve where he served with distinction as a non-commissioned officer for more than 9 years. He has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Evangel University and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern State University and a M.B.A. from Southern Nazarene University.


He has over 10 years experience working as a therapist and administrator in a community mental health center and served as the Executive Director for Teen Challenge of Oklahoma adolescent centers from 2005 to 2016.

L-R Shanon and Shawn Blankinship - First Directors' Cas Speransa Nobo - Aruba - 2017

His wife, Shanon, served along side Shawn as the Assistant Executive Director as well as the program manager for both the boys and girls programs of Teen Challenge Oklahoma. Shanon also has a B.S. in Family Studies from Southern Nazarene University. They are working full time in the field for over 12 years, but in total they have served the cause for more than 25 years.

Cas Speransa Nobo has a 12 month program plus an additional 3 months aftercare period of the residential program, since that the months immediately following the completion of the program and return home can have its challenges. Each student will continue to be guided after they leave the program for a period of 3 months so that they will have assistance in the daily struggles and difficulties that can arise.


Board of Directors :

 Marleen van der Borgt - Aruba Bank
Rafael de Cuba - Outreach Ministry
Lisette M. Malmberg - Hope Fundacion Restauracion

 ~ Cas Speransa Nobo ~