We can bring Hope to the broken thanks to the following supporters and sponsors:

Cas Speransa Nobo is peacefully located up the hill at Alto Vista # 52, Noord, Aruba
Contact the office at +297 5879008

Contact via email: contact@cassperansa.org

A sister project of HopeAruba Movement and Goshen Aruba

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Make Hope Possible!

HopeAruba Fundacion Restauracion desires to deal with social challenges in a collaborative manner to be able to transform lives. Help us to continue the good work. All donations are tax deductible until a certain amount according the law.


HopeAruba Fundacion Restauracion is a “nonprofit” organization registered under Chamber of Commerce number KVK# S1553


Donation process:

1.Click HERE to coordinate the donation.

2. To make a donation to HopeAruba Fundacion Restauracion you can make a 'one-time' donation or a monthly commitment via our Aruba Bank Account # 2615510190 and kindly leave your name in the description.