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For every addict

there is Hope in Christ

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Program description


Our purpose here at Cas Speransa Nobo Adult & Teen Challenge is to help men overcome their addictions and to facilitate their recovery up to the point where he can become a productive and functioning member of society. The hope is that they will continue to know and seek Christ and allow Him to guide their daily lives.

At Cas Speransa Nobo Adult & Teen Challenge the recovery program is broken up into four distinct segments that focus on the whole person.


Key Aspects


-       Spiritual development and restoration

-       Personal responsibility

-       Personal and family relationships

-       Vocational training and work ethic

-       Education

-       Personal health and well being

-       Finding your purpose in the world and the kingdom

        of God


Orientation Phase (First 14 days)


The focus at the beginning of the program is to take a candid look at what brought the individual to this point in his life. We take a look at where he is headed if he stays on the present course of his life. Finally, we look at what better options God has for his future.


Induction Phase (2nd -  4th months)


This time consist of completing 14 Group Studies courses that focus on topics such as: attitudes, temptation, obedience, self-esteem, relationships, growing through failure and more. In addition to the group work that is required the student will also complete personal study projects that focus on the individual needs of the student. These projects or contracts will be specifically developed to address the needs of each student.


Training Phase (5th - 10th months)


As the student continues to work on his personal contracts we begin introducing the following into his life; character development, personal discipline, job skills, leadership, and other areas which continue to focus on building the whole person. Through this portion of the program students begin to identify and make plans for life after the program.


Transition Phase (11th - 12th months)


Special focus is given to issues which are crucial to the student’s success as he re-enters society. Assistance and direction in many all areas of life is a part of the transition process. Everything from how to open a bank account and manage a budget, to how to write a résumé and apply for a job are addressed. The student will also be given mentored in how to find a good church and the necessity of continuing his walk with the Lord and maintaining strong accountability his life.



The months immediately following the completion of the program and return to home can be the most difficult. Each student will be followed after they leave the program for a period of 3 months so that they will have counseling to assist in the daily struggles and difficulties that will arise.


Family Care


Family relationships are at the heart of who we are and what we do. Throughout the program families will be involved in the recovery of their loved one. Visitation will be once per month. In addition to the monthly visitation there will be family days held on the campus that will include education and training for family members. In the latter half of the program students will get passes to go home for different lengths of time to help the transition process back home.

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Recovery starts
There is HOPE!